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Scrapcooking Need'it Silikon-Backmatte
Scrapcooking Need it Silicone Pastry Mat
Scrapcooking Need'it Silicone Pastry Mat Ultra-flexible, non-slip silicone baking mat from Scrapcooking. Use all the tips and tricks on this mat: perfect size for covering a cake with fondant, a...
€20.95 *
FunCakes Keramischen Backbohnen
FunCakes Ceramic Baking Beans
FunCakes Ceramic Baking Beans for Blind Baking Create chocolates with fine detail and design with the FunCakes Chocolate Mould Heart. The transparent chocolate mould is made of polystyreen, what...
€9.90 *
Wilton Easy-Pour Funnel Dosiertrichter
Wilton Easy-Pour Funnel
Wilton Easy-Pour Funnel Easy-pour funnel for liquid chocolate or candy melts. The push-button allows you to check the amount left in the funnel. Size: 12,5 x 10cm. Made of plastic.
€4.90 *
Kunststoff Tortenstütze in Weiß - 1Stk.
Plastic Dowel Rods White
Plastic Dowel Rods White - 1pc. The most stable way to support/reinforce your cake! These cake supports are suitable for 3-tier cakes and more. The difference to conventional supports, apart from...
From €1.29 *
CMC - Sugarcel Tortenkleid 18g
CMC - Sugarcel Tortenkleid 18g Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) E 466 is a modified plant cellulose. CMC is mainly used as a thickener in flower paste recipes and can also be used in pastillage work....
€5.95 *
PME Lollipop Sticks 16cm 35Stück
PME CakePop Sticks -16cm- pk/35
PME Lollipop Sticks - 16cm The handy lollipop sticks from PME are ideal for homemade lollipops. The lollipop sticks are especially suitable for making lollipops with the lollipop molds. Not...
€2.95 *
Floral Wire - Dark Green - 30 Gauge
Floral Wire - Dark Green - 30 Gauge - 50Pcs Florist wire is used to make various types of decorations on a stem or wire into the cake. Tie the wires together with florist ribbon in matching colours...
€3.49 *
FunCakes Piping Gel - 350g
FunCakes Piping Gel - 350g With the transparent FunCakes Piping Gel you can create beautiful effects on your cake or pie (e.g. water drops or misty effects). You can also use it to thinly grease...
€7.08 *
Tortenkleid food - gloss varnish (shellac)
Tortenkleid food - gloss varnish (shellac) 400ml Spray bottle The food lacquer of Tortenkleid is very suitable to give your products such as cakes, chocolate and much more a beautiful shine. Our...
€20.47 *
FunCakes Bake Release Spray 200ml
FunCakes Bake Release Spray 200ml
FunCakes Bake Release Spray 200ml With the FunCakes bake release spray is a quick and easy way to grease your baking pans, baking trays, waffle irons and oven dishes! The baking spray from FunCakes...
€5.59 *
Patisse Stapelbarer Messbecher-Satz
Patisse Stackable Measuring Cups Set
Patisse Stackable Measuring Cups Set Patisse Stackable set of measuring cups These patisserie measuring cups are always at hand when baking and cooking! The cups are stackable so that they save...
€17.39 *
Wilton - Recipe Right - Antihaft-Kühlgitter
Wilton Recipe Right Non-Stick Cooling Grid
Wilton Recipe Right Non-Stick Cooling Grid This Wilton Recipe Right non-stick cooling grill is equipped with all the right features for better baking results. This cooling grill has a non-stick...
€7.10 *
Wilton - Glucose Syrup - 94ml
Wilton - Glucose Syrup - 94ml
Wilton - Glucose Syrup - 94ml Wilton glucose syrup is an essential ingredient for making your own fondant and gum paste. It can also be added to flower paste to improve the elasticity of the paste....
€3.30 *
We Love Baking - Baguette
We Love Baking - Baguette Metal - not dishwasher safe Size: 37 x 24 cm / H 2,5 cm very high-quality and durable non-stick coating for pure baking fun Turn your kitchen into a French boulangerie:...
€18.94 *
Patisse - Ring for cookie cutter
Patisse - Ring for cookie cutter Practical ring for storing your cookie cutters. Simply thread it on and store it neatly. Material: stainless steel
€1.49 *
Wilton Basic Turntable
Wilton Basic Turntable The Basic Turntable from Wilton is a plateau that every cake decorator needs! This turntable spins smoothly and is great for lubricating and covering cakes. The turntable has...
€12.55 *
PME Mini snowflake with ejector - 3 pcs
PME Mini snowflake with ejector - 3 pcs. Diese niedlichen Mini-Schneeflockenausstecher von PME sind ein Muss für jeden Kuchendekorateur. Das Set enthält 3 kleine Ausstecher, die nicht nur ideal für...
€8.95 *
Sugarflair Glucose Syrup 60g
Sugarflair Glucose Syrup 60g You can incorporate sugarflair glucose syrup, sugar paste, fondant and chocolate modeling pastes to create stretch of the mass. It is a thick, viscous liquid that is...
€1.99 *

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