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FunCakes Schokoladen Mould Diamant
FunCakes Chocolate Mould Diamond
FunCakes Chocolate Mould Diamond Create chocolates with fine detail and design with the FunCakes Chocolate Mould Diamond. The transparent chocolate mould is made of polystyreen, what makes the...
€12.90 *
Wilton Easy-Pour Funnel Dosiertrichter
Wilton Easy-Pour Funnel
Wilton Easy-Pour Funnel Easy-pour funnel for liquid chocolate or candy melts. The push-button allows you to check the amount left in the funnel. Size: 12,5 x 10cm. Made of plastic.
€4.90 *
Wilton Candy Melts® Melting Bottles
Wilton Candy Melts® Melting Bottles The Wilton Candy Melts® Melting Bottle is the perfect tool to write, draw and personalize with Candy Melts. The bottle has a slender design that fits perfectly...
€2.70 *
PME Lollipop Sticks 16cm 35Stück
PME CakePop Sticks -16cm- pk/35
PME Lollipop Sticks - 16cm The handy lollipop sticks from PME are ideal for homemade lollipops. The lollipop sticks are especially suitable for making lollipops with the lollipop molds. Not...
€2.95 *
PME - Melting Bottle - 2 Schmelzflasche - 85g
PME - Plastic Squeeze Bottle - 85g - 2Pc
PME - Plastic Squeeze Bottle - 85g - 2Pc Set of 2 squeezy multi-purpose bottles from PME, both with screw lids and protective leak preventing caps. These squeeze bottles are perfect for controlling...
€4.05 *
Schokoladenschmelzer von PME
PME Chocolate Melting Pot
PME Chocolate Melting Pot Melt candy buttons and chocolate in the PME Electric Chocolate Melting Pot. Ideal for making Bnbons or Cake Pops. Or use it to melt chocolate for ganache or chocolate...
€35.80 *
PME - Melting Bottle - Schmelzflasche - 227g
PME - Plastic Squeeze Bottle - 227g
PME - Plastic Squeeze Bottle - 227g PME squeezy multi-purpose bottle, with screw lid and protective leak preventing cap. Great for decorating cakes, treats and more. This squeeze bottle is perfect...
€2.95 *
FunCakes Lollipop Sticks - 12cm pk/50
PME Lollipop Sticks - 12cm The FunCakes Lollipop Sticks are perfect to create your own treats on a stick such as cake pops, candy lollipops, cookie pops or chocolate and Deco Melts treats. Also...
€2.90 *

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